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Director/Owner Favorite Products Fiber by American Crew And Pureology What I Like No matter what you do to the hair it ALWAYS grows back! About Me I love the beauty of nature.


I started my stylist career over 13 years ago in Denver, Colorado before transplanting to sunny California in 2011. In that time I have prided myself in learning the classic styles, precision cuts, clipper fades, along with keeping up to date with the lastest trends. I am diverse in multiple color lines from Framesi, Wella, Redkin to Swarztkoff. I have trained with Master Colorist in each of those lines. Along with the best color correction techniques, I strongly believe it is vital to still keep the integrity of the hair, even in highlighting without brassiness.

I believe that the hair can be high style, low maintenance. Life is busy, but we all want to look our best. It is important to be able to listen to my clients needs, wants and concerns to choose a style that is tailored to each individual. Being asian and having curly, fine and naturally dark hair I understand the challenges clients face. I am very lucky to have the advantage of having experience with multicultural clients. Sometimes it’s not “difficult ” hair…just misunderstood hair.  

Whether you have hair crisis or just need reshaping. If you are a young professional looking to keep hip with clean lines and fades. An older gentlemen that wants a distinguished look with a strictly scissor cut. A young woman that wants low key but sassy or a stay at home mom at wants to look glamorous with a blowout. Come in, meet and greet and get a free consultation. I look forward to giving you a new you!